Friday, October 24, 2008

Screen Printer of the Month: Rocky the Zombie!

Screen Printer Hand Painter of the Month: Rocky the Zombie!

By Lux

Twenty four year old artist, Rhiannon (isn’t that a pretty name?), like me is a fan of Roman Dirge. Even the quickest of peeks (though you’ll want to stay longer) through her Etsy shop Rocky the Zombie will show you how he has influenced her own art. Rocky the Zombie is a collection of adorable well designed shirts, totes and even onesies for babies with style! Her items are very reasonably priced and would you believe she hand paints her designs? She claims that each piece has it’s own alterations that reflect her moods but they are so well done that one can hardly tell they are not professionally silk-screened. While Rhiannon has considered silk-screening, she chooses to stay true to her art and it’s handmade esthetic. Creating each design from scratch is the most enjoyable part of running her business. She’s not however, just a one trick pony. Rhiannon also screenprints, appliqués and works with acrylics. This multi-talented artist, originally from Wales, has 8 years of education in art, illustration, fashion and textiles as well as a ton of experience. One only needs check out her cute, yet slightly twisted drawings to know that this is someone who knows her stuff. So you wont be surprised to learn that she has a Bachelor’s degree with honors. But like most true artists, her inspiration comes from real life. She credits family with teaching her the most important things.

Rhiannon got her start in the business side of things like so many of us did-selling on eBay. With encouragement from her boyfriend she put a single hand painted T-shirt on eBay and watched in disbelief as the bids climbed higher and higher. Her business became something more than just the hobby that eBay is for most people. It started booming. After that the decision of what to do after she earned her degree became clear: self-employment. Rocky the Zombie has been her job ever since. Not just a job, but a passion as well. Her well deserved success comes not only from genuine talent, but a love for creating. And it’s evident to every customer who receives one of her unique, hand painted items. What makes her work so appealing is best summed up in her own words:

“I LOVE black and white photography, and line drawings.. sometimes the most minimal line drawings hold so much more expression and emotion than an entire complex painting. And I love the simplicity in that.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Rhiannon currently sells through Etsy, here. She also takes custom orders. (Bonus!)

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