Saturday, October 18, 2008

Tutorial: Mummy Shirt

This tutorial was submitted to my Live Journal community Sew Underground a few years back. It's an oldie but a goodie. It's very easy to do and makes a really cute shirt. Enjoy!

By "Razorhappy" on LJ

What you need:
-Five (5) panels of Mummy fabric for the torso.
~Three (3) narrow panels for the front.
~Two (2) wide panels for the back
-Two (2) smaller panels of Mummy fabric for the sleeves.
-Bias Hem Tape for the neckline.
-Black ribbon, or in a matching color for the back tie.
-Long rectangular piece of T-shirt material in a matching color for the waistband.

~Throughout this project I tried on the shirt to make sure it looked just right.

Step 1: Make torso figure 1
~Sew together the 3 narrow pieces together to form the front of the shirt.
~Sew together the 2 wide pieces together to form the back of the shirt.
~Sew the front and back together to form a tube top.

Step 2: Add sleeves Try on the tube top to find the right places to add the sleeves!!
~Sew the 2 smaller panels on the tube top for sleeves
~Sew in dart at the top of the sleeve, (where it poofs off your shoulder)
~Cut off excess from the dart to arm pit.

Step 3: Adjust neckline figure 2: the red is where to cut
~Cut out V-shape from one sleeve to the center to the other sleeve.
~Repeat to the back of the shirt.

Step 4: Add details figure 3
~Add hem to neckline. (See figure 4: the red is where to sew! To make the point at the neckline: unfold the bias tape, then fold the tape in half, vertically. It should now be completely inside out. Sew an angle where the point goes towards the rest of the tape, away from the fold. When you fold it back to right side out, it should have a point now sewn in!)
-Then add ribbons to the hem tape on the back!!!
~Add waistband.
~Hem everything else!!

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