Monday, September 22, 2008

Waaay Indie Band: Super Cute Voices

Fun in a Box
By Lux

Super Cute Voices consists of Stuart on guitar, vocals & synthesizer and Charlie on drums & vocoder. While Stuart and Charlie appear to be a couple of normal looking guys from the U.K., their music is far from it. But what can you expect from a group that lists Nintendo as one of it’s influences? SCV are what I imagine to be the perfect band for the ADHD generation and they sound just like what you would expect such a band to sound. They deliver danceable songs with catchy hooks, video game beats and sing along choruses that are guaranteed to get you moving if only for a few minutes at a time. Their sound ranges from new wave to punk with a few Japanese lyrics thrown in for good measure. And all this often happens within the same song. In addition to Nintendo, they count Beck, Devo and Kraftwerk among their influences (3 of my personal favorites). While I do enjoy Super Cute Voices’ fun, updated 80’s style music, I couldn’t listen to a whole album. SCV is like a cute kid brother version of the above. They make good party music, however I wouldn’t recommend taking them on long car trips, they may just drive you nuts after a while.

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Skip: KaTING

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