Saturday, September 20, 2008

Super Cute 3 Different Ways

Super Cute doesn't have to mean drowning yourself in ruffles and lace! It can be done in different ways, over the top or subtle and sophisticated. Here I have put together three different takes on girlish fashion.

FRUiTsy Cute

The bright shades of pink and blue make this really stand out and the different textures make it interesting. What is Japanese fashion if not interesting? By sticking with the same color combination when choosing the accessories you can turn a wild outfit like this into something a little more wearable. Well as wearable as a TuTu is if you're not a ballerina.

Like the clothes? Buy them here.

Vintage Cute

How I love vintage clothes...from pretty much any era, but I've always had a soft spot for the 50s-60s. The cuts of the dresses were so pretty and they looked good on any body type. Here I paired a royal blue/cream swiss dot dress with candy apple red shoes. Whoever said you're not supposed to put primary colors together was so wrong.

Dress for sale here.


This top has very girlish details: a bib front, puffed sleeves and non functional buttons. What saves it from being juvenile are the neutral colors and the edgy texture. Pair it with a hot pink mini for a touch of color interest and opaque black tights. Add a purse with punky details (grommets, studs, etc) and you're good to go.

Skirt available here.
Vintage purse available here.


Crystal said...

Love the last outfit, that suits me more ;D.

Girl Is Poison said...

You got the top. Awesome!