Tuesday, December 9, 2008

December Issue

Hey guys,
There will be no December issue because I will be going on vacation soon and won't have time to make one. However Issue #4: "Ultra Fem" will be published in January and will contain some really interesting articles including the debate: Feminism: Long Haired, Dress Wearing Women Need Not Apply? We will basically be discussing what makes a feminist and how clothing comes into play. For example would a woman that takes extra care in her appearance, or one that is a stay-at-home mom, or a girl that participates in beauty contests be considered a feminist by today's standards? I know where I stand. How about you? I am considering submissions on this topic from everyone and anyone! Please share your opinion with me. I'm hoping to get more than two voices for this. :)

Submissions should be sent to: thatgirl a t girlispoison d o t net

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