Friday, November 21, 2008

Screen Printer of the Month: Brave Moonman

One Small Step for Brave Moonman, A Giant Leap for Style
By Lux

Self-proclaimed jack of all trades and master of none, Lindsey, is known for her fun and funky 80s inspired style. Items like mix tape pouches, floppy disk pins and calculator watches (!) share space in her Etsy shop along with the cool retro 80s style tees that first got my attention. Upon further inspection of her inventory I have decided that I want one of everything. And it appears that so do many others. Lindsey, who is based in Oakland, tends to have a lot of repeat buyers. It’s the same thing as trying to eat just one chip, you can’t have just one mix tape pouch. They come in so many cool color combos that it’s hard to choose a favorite. And who could pass up the chance to own a calculator watch? It’s a total conversation piece. You know that everyone is going to be asking you where you got it! With t-shirts and accessories inspired by the likes of Jem and the Holograms, nerd culture and even Lindsey’s own older brother; Brave Moonman is a total find for fans of 80s nostalgia. And it’s all operated by an artist who is barely old enough to remember the 80s!

With a degree in Apparel Design and Merchandising under her belt, Lindsey passed on getting a conventional job in the industry and started selling on Etsy in 2006 under the username lindseyporter. (She later opened an account under the name BraveMoonman.) Like many of her fellow “craft-trepreneurs” she resists the idea of a schedule and prefers to set her own hours. Also like so many of us, she was crafting practically out of the womb and couldn‘t imagine herself doing anything lame like working in a cubicle. When her signature Nintendo pouch became a popular item a friend suggested that she make cassette tape pouches and then those took off as well. The idea machine kept right on humming. Since then she has expanded her collection to include other items like her adorable mini 2X2 inch original paintings and my personal favorite: the black on gold tiger print t-shirt.

For now, Lindsey is taking her business one happy customer at a time. Despite her lack of “real” work experience, 100% of her buyers agree that her customer service is excellent. And it’s pretty obvious her product will keep people coming back for more. While she doesn’t know her ultimate direction, she is having fun and enjoying her craft and all the support she gets from fans of her work. The only thing that’s missing is your appreciation photo!

Get your dope Brave Moonman gear here.

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